How weather influences betting

When placing a bet, you may check variables such as a team’s form and their record against the opposition – but do you check the weather? This often-overlooked aspect of sports betting can influence the outcome of any sporting event.

Professional sports teams understand the impact of the weather, with most employing meteorologists who have good knowledge of local conditions.

Below is a list of how regular conditions can have adverse affects on the best-laid plans in a variety of sports:

Affect of Weather in Soccer

Perhaps the most frequent bad-weather condition in football, rain can cause the ball to “skim” or move quicker along the pitch, perfect for teams that like to pass the ball.

If the rain gets too heavy, however, a pitch will become waterlogged and slow the ball down, disrupting passing football. This is especially important for lower-league clubs, who do not have adept ground staff to keep the pitch in top condition.

Therefore it’s vital to check not just whether or not it will rain, but how much is likely to fall.

The slippery conditions could also have a big impact on total goals betting – stinging rain will not just affect a goalkeeper’s grip, but also reduce his visibility for long-range strikes.

Affect of Weather in Football

Football is another sport that can be easily influenced by rain. The surface will be slower, likely leading to a tighter and tougher contest between the two sides. The rain can also affect a Quarterback’s ability to throw.

Wind is arguably the main weather condition that affects the game, however, providing a dramatic advantage for rushing teams. Teams that prefer passing plays will find windy conditions particularly difficult.

Affect of Weather in Tennis

When it comes to tennis, sustained periods of heavy rain result in delays, postponements and interruptions.

These can provide much-needed respite for losing players in the midst a match, or delay a game enough to negatively impact the winner’s recovery time and therefore affect his next match.

At Wimbledon, it can lead to the closure of the roof, which in turn will affect the bounce of the ball and benefit indoor-specialists – such as Roger Federer.

Wind is another contributing factor for tennis conditions – it can greatly shift how the ball moves and tilt the advantage in favour of baseline defenders, instead of those who aim for the lines.

Knowing the weather conditions is a must for the serious bettor, and a reliable forecasting site is a vital tool. While there are numerous free forecasts available on the internet, commercial offerings can offer an even bigger edge for fans of outside sports, such as soccer, football, tennis and baseball.

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